From Car Troubles to Deeper Connections: The Curiosity Chats Adventure

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Teodora Grubor

August 18, 2023

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Straight from the road and filled with unexpected twists and turns, we bring you another story about one of our first projects, which helped us in the situation we found ourselves in.

Our team embarked on a memorable trip to Rovinj to enjoy the Summer Sensual Dance Festival. The sun was shining, spirits were high, we danced to sunsets (even to sunrises) and we were all geared up for a fantastic time. Little did we know that our journey would take an unexpected detour that would put our patience to the test.

On our way back, when we thought we had conquered the world, our car decided to play a little prank on us. Talk about bad timing, right? We were stranded on the side of the road, desperately waiting for the towing services to come to our rescue.

Long story short

You might think, “What’s so exciting about a broken-down car?”

Well, that’s where Curiosity Chats stepped in and saved the day! As we sat there, Nikola had a lightbulb moment: “Let’s amuse ourselves. We have that amazing app that we made a long time ago.”

And so, we fired up Curiosity Chats and began our conversations. Who needs a functioning car when you’ve got deep, thought-provoking questions?

We selected our cards one by one, answering diverse questions from different areas. Some of our favorites were “What’s something you tell yourself that diminishes your ability to be awesome?” and “If you didn’t have any commitments for the next 30 days, what would you do?”. We assume that you know for the second question that all the answers were some far away trip – Bali, Mauritius, Cuba, Cape Town…

The hours seemed to fly by as we shared stories, laughter, and even a few surprising revelations. Curiosity Chats turned our grumpy faces into wide smiles and transformed our stranded situation into an unexpected bonding experience.

As we delved deeper into the app’s extensive array of intriguing questions, we couldn’t help but notice its positive impact on our team. We opened up, connected more profoundly, and discovered the untapped potential in our relationships. It was like a team-building exercise.

Behind-the-scenes story

A few years ago we got an interesting request hailing from the United States of America. Lisa, an adventurous soul, contacted us with the idea to create an app that would connect people by encouraging them to spend quality time with friends, family, and even strangers, while having conversations from different spheres, getting to know each other better, and all this just with the phone, regardless of where we are.

This idea blew us away, and from the beginning, we knew we wanted to work with her. Her life story has been one of personal growth, resilience, and a deepening appreciation for the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world. 

How the app works?

The Curiosity Chats app offers a captivating and engaging way to foster meaningful conversations. First, users pick a category that aligns with their interests or the type of conversation they’d like to have. Once a category is selected, they choose a card that contains a thought-provoking question. Participants take turns reading the question out loud and responding to it, creating an open and respectful dialogue.

The app encourages users to spend as much time as they like discussing each topic, allowing for deep exploration and connection. To further enhance the conversation, participants are encouraged to get curious about each other and ask additional questions, diving into the nuances of their perspectives. When ready to move on, users can simply swipe the card off the screen and choose another card, unveiling a new topic to explore. This process keeps the conversation fresh and exciting, ensuring that users can continue their journey of discovery and connection.

Last few words

Curiosity Chats are the perfect companion for road trips, family gatherings, date nights, and any other occasion that calls for meaningful conversations. You can download the Curiosity Chats app from the App Store. Remember, life’s unexpected detours can lead to the most extraordinary experiences.

Now, we’re off to plan our next adventure—hopefully, one that doesn’t involve car breakdowns. Until then, follow us on social media channels to see our projects, daily activities, and the latest happenings from our adventurous team. Stay curious, keep those conversations flowing, and never forget to expect the unexpected!

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