Complete mobile solutions

Out of your idea, we make a finished product. We gather a team, we brainstorm. And based on our expertise we develop and design. We work responsibly and diligently, and our code is clean and clear. Like a crystal.



Writing crystal clean code has always been a challenge, right? We strive to use 100% native code written in Swift, and it’s mostly like that, except in one case. Have you ever heard about Texture? It’s an amazing framework which helps you make smoother and better performing apps. We use Texture to create simple UI and to write clean code, instead of making a mess in Storyboards. Texture was built at Pinterest and many companies are using it now (Slack, Facebook, Buffer etc.).



Technology evolves every day, so is Android development. Each day we strive to keep up with the new development tools and make faster, quality and more scalable apps. Following requirements from Google such as Kotlin, Android Jetpack and MVVM architecture we are able to create products that will be future-proof.



While we manage the quality of our code in both mobile development worlds, we also care about how it looks and feels to people who use the app. Offering design services allows us to create products that have it all - from great usability and accessibility to delightfulness and aesthetics. Research of the target group and industry is inevitable, so we can carefully plan design to fit our clients' business.


In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being.

― Nikola Tesla

Quick tour on how we build an app

digging crystal

Digging crystal

At this point we dig deeper into your idea to understand every single functionality of your future product.

crystallizing idea

Crystallizing idea

This is a phase where we create a sleek UI and simple UX for your product.

shaping the crystal

Shaping the crystal

This is the time you should take a seat and watch your product grow.

let's fly

Let's fly!

We give your product wings, as we release it to the market. We help you reach more users and in that way help your light reflect on the world.