On Easter, the Orthodox have the tradition of decorating eggs on Friday and having an egg fight with friends and family the next Sunday. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, this year some of us were not able to do that. On April 1st we came up with an idea, so the next day we created a specification, design, and in two weeks we developed a production-ready app. In 3 days we managed to make over 19 thousand users happy, and this resulted in being the #2 top free on Play Store and App Store and #1 in trending on Play Store.
Egg Smash was developed in order to present the traditional Easter egg beating in the most entertaining way possible. Through the application, users are enabled to log in with a personal account, create and decorate their own Easter egg and compete with other users of the application. On that basis, a ranking list is being created. Knocking eggs is a term that, as part of the tradition, represents two people holding a boiled egg in their hand and hitting the opponent's egg with their tips. The winner is the one who first manages to break both ends of the opponent's egg. Besides that, the story behind this app is the story of how we built a multiplayer game in 12 days, and how it got 20k users overnight. Small projects are always good for learning as we can easily see the whole picture set in a short period. We learned a lot from this project, both as a team, as well as individuals. We learned to use our time wisely and to set our goals straight, but one of the most important things we learned was to find balance and beat the perfectionism. We just had to, because the deadlines were so short.


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