The application allows viewing all city and suburban bus lines in Novi Sad and allows adding your favorite ones. For favorite lines, you can see the schedule for the current hour, for the next two hours, or for the whole day. The application is multilingual (includes English and Serbian languages) and supports both dark and light mode. After the initial data retrieval, the application also works in offline mode. When the user is online, the app automatically updates the schedule following the changes that have occurred on the JGSP website.
This is one of our first projects. Our main goal was to contribute to fellow citizens of Novi Sad who own iOS devices with the opportunity to have a quick and easy insight into the city bus driving schedule. Before our solution, there were no apps for iOS, only various Android ones. We also created an Android version that was completely ad-free, unlike other apps of that type on the Play Store. Working on this project, we tried to get acquainted with all the new technologies and tools so that we can continue to use them in the future. Among other things, there were: Texture, Coroutines, LiveData, Room, etc. Within this project, our team was introduced to unit tests, and the coverage of code tests was more than 50%. The app allows the user to view the departure schedule for the current hour, allows expansion of the departure overview for each favorite line, and allows having an insight into all departures during the day. Order of the favorite lines displayed on the home page can be ordered to suit users' priorities and needs, and any line from the list of favorite lines can be deleted. As some of the most interesting and challenging ones, our team would single out functionalities that enable the application to work in offline mode, and to mark with a different color the current hour, to the schedule can easily be found.


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