This app helps businesses getting invoice financing for SMEs. We contributed by developing the native Android and iOS app that supports customers as they go to the store to make an order. Customers can log in, search for a store, and input quantity for each product. That order is later processed with Infidia blockchain system. Our partners are letting businesses focus on growing and giving value to their customers.
It was one of those projects where it’s necessary to develop MVP in a short time frame. In an implementation of such projects, often happens that some details are being missed. We managed to dodge that bullet. We were in charge of creating pixel-perfect UI with a cool feature that helps users easily use a phone with one hand, reaching all the data. To connect UI with all stores and products we had to define structure in Firebase Firestore and connect with Firebase Cloud Functions. That way we made a connection that is scalable, secure, and compatible with web and mobile platforms. As this is the project that will be connected to blockchain technology, banks, and big money transactions we made sure to document it and run unit tests.






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Firebase Auth

Firebase Functions

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