SmARTravel offers the possibility to see cultural and artistic content interactively and innovatively, through the smartphone. This is an innovative multimedia app that can be installed both on the Apple iOS or Google Android. The app converts device into a complete multimedia guide – it gives facilitated access to art and culture. The visitor does not need a guide anymore, he guides himself through the cultural offer and embarks on an informative and entertaining experience.
For Crystal Pigeon, this experience was interesting and challenging as we got involved with the pre-existing code and collaborated with other developers outside of our team. At the beginning of our partnership with the Alsaro Sagl, we were responsible for implementing a feature that will help users choose a cultural venue, and pick a date and time of their visit. When they pick the time, they input their personal info and buy tickets using their credit card. Payment support was implemented using the Stripe Connect payment system. Also, users could see their current and past tickets, so they could show QR code to the clerk at the venue. To make this possible, we created a new app to be used only by the staff at the cultural venue, so they could scan the QR code of the customers. To make ticket scanning as fast as possible, we used the Scandit library.


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