5 Years of Crystal Pigeon: A Journey of Friendship, Challenges, and Success

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Nikola Samardžija

November 24, 2023

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Time flies, doesn’t it? You’ve probably heard this phrase quite often, especially in the business world. It’s a sentiment we’ve been expressing a lot in the past month as we celebrated the fifth birthday of Crystal Pigeon.

We won’t talk too much on this topic, but we feel the need to express our gratitude and share the pride we’ve felt during these past few days.

Over these five years, we’ve experienced many ups and downs, as expected. However, what made this journey special was the way we learned from both successes and failures. We made it a point to break down every “failure” into smaller components and figure out what could have been done better and how to prevent it next time.

For quite a while, our team was a cozy quartet: Marko, Nikola, Anja, and Ena. We handled it all – not just development, but also delved into the realms of marketing, sales, and finances. Every facet of the business was embraced to keep afloat in the market. Handling all these tasks wasn’t easy, especially since we were also students at the time, at the beginning of our careers. Yet, truth be told, it was remarkably fulfilling. We were, and still are, a tight-knit team that found joy in the journey.

Over time, we’ve blossomed, realizing the importance of bringing in fresh perspectives, gaining new knowledge, and welcoming new team members and projects into the fold. Fast forward to today, and our team has grown into a fantastic group of 12 individuals. Joining the original four are Milica, Lena, Sergej, Teodora, Aleksa, Djordje, Ivana, and Tatjana. They each contribute their unique skills, whether it’s crafting code for iOS and Android, steering marketing strategies, managing business operations, or overseeing finances.

These talented individuals play a pivotal role in the successes we cherish every day, and for that, we’re truly grateful. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey!

What remains unwavering are the key pillars of our team: an unbridled passion for continuous learning, unwavering commitment to our work, a sense of responsibility that guides our every action, and an unyielding desire to bring our absolute best to every endeavor.

This is the core of what we are particularly proud of and what makes us walk into the office with a smile every morning. Oh, by the way, over these five years, we’ve upgraded our office too. In June this year, we moved to a more spacious workplace with a breathtaking view of our beloved Novi Sad. We now have a designated lunch spot, a cozy coffee corner, and a dedicated area for developing robust and practical business strategies. These strategies are currently yielding positive results, but we’re always open to change if needed.

But let’s get back to the gratitude story.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing individuals, some of whom have become friends we hang out with even outside of work. Our appreciation extends to our collaborators, partners, and industry experts who have acknowledged Crystal Pigeon as a resilient team poised for challenges. Without the support of these individuals, we wouldn’t have reached the milestones we celebrate today. We genuinely believe in the collective strength of our network. Thank you for every word of encouragement, shared knowledge, and ongoing support.

Company’s Remarkable Journey

In recent years, outsourcing has emerged as a thriving sector within the Serbian IT landscape, and that’s precisely where our journey began. We engaged in diverse projects spanning various industries, including health, education, fintech, fitness, transport, food service, utilities, entertainment, and beauty. However, we always had a desire to cultivate something unique to us.

And we made it through Skenit. The development journey commenced three years ago, and the insights gained during this period are truly invaluable. Each day, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the application, striving to provide the market and our niche with an unparalleled user experience. Alongside Skenit, we boast a portfolio of other well-crafted applications, and you can check them here.

To wrap things up, we’ve got a birthday wish. We’re crossing our fingers for this adventure to stretch out for ages. You see, every year, we get clothes that match a kid’s age (with the age of a company birthday) as a gift. So, our grand dream? Well, we’re hoping to score a snug XXXL knitted sweater somewhere down the line.

Fingers crossed!

Once again, a big thank you!

Nikola and Marko

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