Preserving Cultural Heritage: Our Remarkable Journey with the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina

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Teodora Grubor

August 1, 2023

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We have a lot of stories waiting in the drawer to be told. This is just one of them, and it’s time to tell you about one of the most exciting adventures we’ve experienced, thanks to the fantastic team from the European Affairs Fund of AP of Vojvodina. They believed in us and our abilities to deliver an amazing socially beneficial project – a cultural heritage mobile app called HERINFUTUR.

About the project

A year and a half ago, when we won the tender and embarked on a partnership with the Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, little did we know about the incredible adventure that awaited us. At that time, Crystal Pigeon comprised four members: Nikola, Marko, Ena, and Anja. Our mission was clear: to create a cultural mobile application (both Android and iOS) that would showcase and provide vital information about the landmarks of South Bačka County and Csongràd-Csanàd County.

But this project was no ordinary endeavor. It was an opportunity to contribute to the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage while fostering increased knowledge among citizens and tourists. Through a series of photos and audio tapes, we brought the material cultural heritage of South Bačka County and Csongràd-Csanàd County to life.

We took off, but what now?

Let’s face it, every project is a rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. And this one was no exception. We found ourselves standing at the foot of a mountain of challenges, scratching our heads and asking, “How on earth are we going to pull this off?”

We faced countless questions. How would we capture 360-degree photos without any photography experience? How could we record content in Hungarian when we didn’t know the language? And how could we access museums and photograph the sights?

Think. Google it. Read it. Think. Watch Youtube videos. Learn it. Think. Once again and again. 

First up was the task of mastering the art of 360-degree photography. None of us were seasoned photographers, but that didn’t deter Nikola. He started researching a lot of YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts, soaking up every knowledge he could find. 

And the most amusing part?

Picture this: Nikola guiding us on how to hide from the camera. We had to perfect the art of hide and seek, ensuring that we were nowhere in sight when Nikola captured shots.

Meanwhile, Marko became our technical guru. He devoted countless hours to writing, testing, and refining lines of code, ensuring that our project operated seamlessly. In one of the reflection episodes, Marko had a brilliant revelation. It turned out that his mom speaks fluently Hungarian! With her assistance, we had a language expert right beside us and managed to deliver audio tapes in a language that was unknown to us at the moment. 

And let’s not forget our dynamic duo, Ena and Anja. Alongside their technical responsibilities, they took on the vital task of organizing the logistics for our ambitious expedition through Hungary. 

Remember life before Google Maps? Armed with reliable maps, we marked every location that we needed to capture, carefully planning the optimal route for our two-day journey. With backpacks over our shoulders, Booking, and a lot of food, we set off on our expedition, driven by enthusiasm, teamwork, and an unwavering sense of humor.

The journey

During our remarkable expedition, our primary objective was to explore and visit over 30 landmarks in Csongràd-Csanàd County. This journey provided us with a wealth of captivating insights into the Hungarian sights and unveiled the hidden treasures within our beloved Novi Sad. 

As proud residents of Novi Sad, we couldn’t help but be in awe of our city’s stunning beauty. Its distinct charm and allure captivated us, filling us with a deep sense of admiration.

When we got back, we jumped right into recording audio for our app in English, Hungarian, and Serbian. Hearing your voice on videos can be a bit strange. Ena had a tough time listening to herself repeatedly, making sure every word was spot-on. It was like a never-ending loop of self-assessment! But we wanted to make sure our users had a smooth and enjoyable audio experience, so we put in the effort to get it just right.

Technical background

In terms of the technical aspects of the project, we had an array of exciting components to tackle. Firstly, we focused on the development of an informative digital system that would serve as a hub for data collection, publishing, and information on cultural heritage within the cross-border region. This encompassed the creation of a user-friendly mobile phone application, offering an immersive electronic tour experience.

To enhance the user experience, we incorporated various technologies and tools into our project. On the mobile app side, we utilized the Swift programming language for iOS and Kotlin for Android platforms, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Additionally, we leveraged the power of Mapbox, a versatile mapping platform, to provide seamless navigation and location-based functionalities.

Underlying our technical accomplishments was a robust technology stack that powered our project. From the development of the mobile apps to the administration panel and overall app design, we utilized a combination of Swift, Kotlin, React, and various APIs, such as Mapbox’s Directions API, to deliver a seamless experience. We also prioritized offline functionality, allowing users to access maps and content without an internet connection, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

In summary, the technical aspects of this project were vast and diverse, ranging from app development and design to the integration of immersive 360-degree photography and multilingual audio support.

Do you want to learn about the landmarks of South Bačka County and Csongràd-Csanàd County?
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