The project predicts three outcomes – the increased level of knowledge in the field of the conservation of cultural heritage with the focus on the preservation and restoration, which will be achieved by the creation of educational material adjusted to the young and the realisation of the workshops where the materially cultural heritage of the South – Bačka county and Csongràd – Csanàd county will be presented, along with the non – materially cultural heritage of Csongràd – Csanàd county, followed by the study trip where the models of conservation and restoration could be seen. The next outcome is digital informative system for data collection and publishing and the news on cultural heritage in the cross – border region which involves the Internet website, online brochure and mobile phone application – the electronic touristy tour.
Incorporating travel, 360 picture taking, and recording audio descriptions in 3 languages, in addition to the development of mobile apps, admin panel, and app design itself, is what made this project one of the most unique ones yet. Helping people get in touch with culture and art is something we are always happy to do.


European Affairs Fund of AP of Vojvodina




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